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Industry: Consultant
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San Marcos, CA 92078 United States
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Judith I. Brooks
Professional Genealogist

"You cannot escape the fact that your ancestors were human beings, not merely names which have survived in musty old records.  They lived and breathed, had their joys and pleasures, their trials and tribulations, their work and play, however different these may have been from yours.  Moreover, you will find that they, obscurely or prominently, took their part in the affairs of their times and contributed in some way to the development of civilization.  By learning more about them and their times you'll be the wiser in knowing "how we got this way" -- Humrich family


Association of Professional Genealogists (with adherence to code of ethics)
Southern California Chapter of APG
National Genealogical Society 
uthern California Genealogical Society    
North San Diego County Genealogical Society
Nebraska Genealogical Society
Genealogical Speakers Guild